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Cub Scout Pack 85
(Florence, Mississippi)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the age requirements to join cub scouts?
A: Cub Scouts are for 1st - 5th graders aged 7-11.  Our Boy Scout Troop 85 is for boys 6th grade and higher.
In our pack we arrange our dens(classes) by age as follows:
  • Tiger Cubs - 1st Grade or 7 years old
  • Wolf - 2nd Grade or 8 years old
  • Bear - 3rd Grade or 9 years old
  • Webelos - 4th and 5th Grade 10 - 11 1/2 years old

Q: What does it cost to be a scout?
A: These costs are outlined in detail in our "How to Join" section.

Q: When/Where do you meet?
A: We meet from 6:30 - 7:30 on Monday nights at Victory Congregational Methodist Church.  From the redlight in Florence on Highway 49 South go east on Highway 469.  The church is just over the bridge on the right.

Q: My son plays soccer/football/basketball etc. and we may miss some of the meetings, is that ok?
A: Many of our scouts are involved in sports and other activities.  We understand that active boys are involved and we encourage that.  Scouting is a 9 month long program.  We can easily work with you for missed meetings and help get through football or soccer seasons.  We don't want the boys to miss out on a scout program because they played a sport for a month or two.

Q: My son has special needs, can we still join?
A: We welcome all scouts.  We can work with the scouts and their parents and guardians to deliver a program that fits their needs.

Q: Do I have to be at the meetings with my son?
A: Parents/Guardians of Tiger cubs are required to be at all meetings with their boys.  Pack 85 strongly encourages all parents to stay for the meetings and participate.  We are an active pack and try to keep the boys busy building, creating and learning.  This takes time and effort from our leaders and lots of help from our parents.  You can imagine how difficult it would be to let the boys construct bird houses with 20 hammers and 2 leaders. :)

Q: Can I become a leader?
A: Absolutely.  Pack 85, like all cub scout packs, is made up entirely of volunteers.  You don't have to have any special ability or knowledge to be a hero to your boy.  You just have to be there and help him grow and learn and scouting is an excellent way to do just that.  Volunteers are needed not only to deliver the material and serve as leaders but also to help with snacks, outings, party planning, awards ceremonies and much more.  Everyone can help and everyone has something to offer.

Q: We have never been or aren't really big into camping.
A: See our "Camping Info" page.